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Conveyor Repair Options

There are many different options available for conveyor belt repair depending on the type of conveyor, material that is being carried, type of damage and available downtime. Despite the many options, they can generally be categorised in one of the following: Vulcanization Metal Fasteners Cold Curing (Cold Vulcanization) Cover repair Vulcanization and Metal Fasteners are […]

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Polyurea as a Coating

Polyurea is a material that has been in use as an industrial coating since the 1980’s. Recent advancements in application technology and chemistry have seen the Polyurea coating industry grow rapidly. In general Polyurea is being used to replace and repair rubber, ceramics and other wear coatings, particularly where mechanical wear and particle abrasion are […]

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Where to use

The BeltShield® system was designed primarily for all rubber conveyor belt systems. The key industries where this solution will provide significant benefit are; Iron Ore conveyors Coal conveyors Gold mining conveyors Copper mining conveyors Bauxite conveyors Any other mining operations that suffer from wear and damage to the conveyors Cement plants Power stations (coal-fired) Pulp […]

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Where not to use

The BeltShield® system can be used in the widest number of situations out of any repair system on the market. However, we should be consulted before using the standard system in the following situations; Where there is chemical exposure to wet chemicals with a pH less than 4 or greater than 13. Where the product […]

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