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BeltShield is a registered trademark of Shield Crete Services International. SCS International was formed by the owners of the regional Shield Crete Services business and brings together more than 150 years of experience in high performance coatings and mining services.

All our coatings are specifically designed for a purpose, and thoroughly vetted prior to being offered to our customers. Our focus is on the balance between ease of application and in-service performance.

BeltShield was a system that we developed for conveyor belt repair with our Australian partners. We drew upon unique manufacturers and products from around the world and after years of tests and trials we managed to develop a world first solvent free system for conveyor repair that can be applied to running belts and can save thousands of tonnes of waste and millions in conveyor belt replacements every year.


Commited to Protecting Assets

We build lasting relationships


Our coatings use the latest, safest formulas. ShieldPrime SP is 100% solids, no VOC’s.


Quality coatings are what we are here for. Quality is a driver in everything we do.


We have over 150 years experience in our management team, and we work with applicators and manufacturers that are the best in the business.

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