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prevent huge costs of rubber conveyor belt replacement

Our solutions result in a longer lasting rubber conveyor belt. The BeltShield system rejuvenates your existing conveyor belt with a super strong polyurea coating rather than expensive replacement.

Unlike other complicated, slow drying and toxic solvent based cold weld systems, our primer and polyurea system is designed specifically for application to running or stationary (static) conveyor belts with minimal surface cleaning and lowest possible downtime.

Other cold weld repair kits involve huge downtime of the conveyor belt resulting in lost revenue. The process of cutting, surface grinding, patching, splicing, applying toxic solvents, allowing them to harden and dry is complicated and is only a band-aid solution. The BeltShield system repairs the conveyor belt to a level that actually improves the durability of the belt, and the bond is stronger than the rubber itself! 

BeltShield technology is one of a kind in that the conveyor belt can stay in operation while our ZERO VOC, super strong and flexible polyurea technology is spray applied and operation can continue within 2+ hours of coating.

Our unique solution has even been used with tungsten scraper blades.


Belt Shield rubber belt repair system is a fraction of the cost compared to replacing a conveyor belt or other conventional repair options and is applied fast, leaving you with a much more durable conveyor belt surface. Saving your rubber belt replacement costs and reducing downtime of your conveyor system.

Our polyurea options are specifically developed for high abrasion, elongation and tensile strength, such that the polyurea repair will last longer than the original belt.

The primer is a unique primer developed by us to require no solvent, and to adhere to rubber (and other difficult substrates) so well that the existing rubber is the weak point.

Belt Shield rubber conveyor belt repair isn’t just about the products though. We can provide a complete solution:

  • Surface preparation solutions
  • Primer and polyurea
  • Spray machines setup specifically for the BeltShield products
  • Specification
  • Applicator Training
  • Project Management

We can even provide a turn-key repair solution for your preventative conveyor belt maintenance or repair, or we can set your business up so you can complete the conveyor repair works in-house, with full support.

Some things to consider:

Cost comparison:

How much does your busines spend on rubber conveyor replacement each year? For many companies, it is the largest expense behind wages. If you were able to reduce those costs to as little as 10% of the current rubber belt replacement costs, how much would that save your business?

What about downtime losses? These normally far out-weight the cost of the belt replacement. In most cases, belts are shut down for less than 6-12 hours for repair using BeltShield, as opposed to days for replacement. 


Worried about safety of application on a running conveyor belt? We have robotic spray solutions, and solvent free products, and we have the best applicator training system in the business.


We have a range of polyureas that range from standard, lower cost solutions for low wear, through to extremely high wear resistant products. We also have a fire resistant polyurea for application on underground conveyors or on belts that are at risk of catching fire. Of course, they are all designed to have no brittle phase during cure, so they won’t crack when going around the rollers mere seconds or minutes after spraying onto the surface.

Our early testing showed a number of other key features that were required in the products to avoid peeling. Adhesion was a big factor and hence the development of the unique ShieldPrime SP primer, which ensures the rubber is the weakest link. If this is not the case, the polyurea can peel off in sheets and damage or clog the conveyor belt system. Other primers, including solvent based polyurethane and intercoat primers are not as reliable across a range of conveyor types and conditions. Nano primers have been tested and have a number of downsides, including the high solvent content and temperature sensitivity.

To determine which solution is best for you, just answer a few questions here or contact us:



A fraction of the cost of replacement conveyor belt, and reduced down-time (lost production).


We can have your conveyor belt back up in operation in as little as 2 hours compared with days with other options.


The unique primer and polyurea combine to provide a wear surface that lasts longer than the original rubber belt.


The primer is 100% solids, no solvent, and is a first of its kind in the world. It eliminates the issues that are common with other primer products and repair solutions.


The BeltShield conveyor repair system has been trialled and used by FMG, Rio Tinto and BHP.

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